After 20 years as a freelance, I am finally ready to commit


Interesting times

Twenty years ago I quit my job as an IT consultant and started work as a freelance IT journalist and writer. Twenty years! The Internet was a toddler, we were heading for the tech apocalypse of Y2K and the single currency was but a gleam in the EU’s eyes. When we had all but recovered, the iPhone arrived and mobile became our world. We live in interesting times.

Changing times

Interesting too, to notice some things have not changed at all. I still get mistaken for the secretary or the PR woman. I still get asked if I ‘can get by’ as a freelance. I still get surprised looks that I know my tech. The big difference is that, these days, those things make me smile. There were more personal changes. Dogs came and went to heaven. Relationships and love affairs came and went to wherever they go when they die. I have changed hometowns, homes, banks, ISP’s, Facebook profiles, domain names, dress sizes. And I believe it is time to change my work situation too. Hopping from assignment to assignment has been fun, but I am finally ready to commit.

Geez’ a job!

So: vivacious and creative communicator with a quick and analytical mind is looking for a team or a company to call home. My work at the Mercator Workgroup for Mapping Disinformation is a part-time voluntary project and I am absolutely driven, analysing the different levels at which social media influences our lives and choices as digital citizens. But projects have end dates. Mercator Workgroup made me see I want to belong to an international group of people that are driven and talented and who want to make a change. In the team, I am the connector. I am hands-on and like to get things done. There are some serious data techs in that group that work hard and play hard. I translate between the abstract and the practical and I really enjoy how our different views and skills come together into actual solutions.

Want to know more?

See my profile on LinkedIn for more about experience, skills and portfolio. Or send me a message at mail [at]

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