Annoying, this one from Laser 3.14. To say the least. This space (A Lab) houses a collection of remarkable people, and the creative and positive vibes are huge. And yes, it is a diverse group of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. To me, this text feels like an accusation: you think you’re different but you’re not. You are not special, you are not original. This is a personal feeling and I know where it comes from. How to look at this in a more positive way? By acknowledging that yes, we all think the same when we go back to the basics. We all need a roof over our head, food in our bellies, some activity to give meaning to our lives, and friends and loved ones to make us feel good.

Note that I said ‘we’, not ’they’. ‘They’ adds a new layer to the message, and not a friendly one. Aaaaaand I’m back to grumbling loudly. Especially since Laser314 was invited to do his thing in this place.