Too hip to comma

Eats, shoots and leaves. We’re hip and happening and we don’t use interpunction. We don’t care about rules! We do assume disabled people are never suppliers and vice versa. And last but not least: if parking is the only thing allowed, who’s going to lift the goods out of the delivery van and bring them into the building? This sign is worded so carelessly. Perhaps they ran out of icons.

Yes, yes,  I know, but it stands outside B Amsterdam. One of those buildings where people don’t work but are inspired, connected and thought-provoking. Places that want to capture the start-up mentality of Silicon Valley when it was young and mostly populated by white males. That is why second-hand couches and bicycles are dotted around the place. And yes, I am annoyed, still. B was the last place I visited before the first Dutch corona lockdown. Even then I felt uncomfortable attending an event where people joked about not shaking hands, whilst body bags were piling up in Wuhan. A week later we were all confined to our homes. A year later, we still are and vaccination strategy is as obtuse as this bloody sign.